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State Street Cemetery, 1799

"The original burying ground of the State Street localiity was a few rods north of the present one, and when the new plot was opened, apparently only the markers made the short journey; for when the cellar was dug for the wooden schoolhouse, many ancient bones were discovered there.

The oldest grave is that of Timothy Potter (whose son so admired Andrew Jackson). He departed this life Oct. 24, 1799, in the sixty-ninth year of his ages. The verse on his stone is:

'Come My Companion, behold and see
The clods that doth cover me
And on my right hand often view
The clods reserved to cover you.'

This adjuration was faithfully complied with, for in 1838 his wife was buried at his right.

The unique feature of this burying ground is the fact that it is shared by Protestants and Catholics, a permanent testimonial to the religious tolerance of the community. It is a small area, enclosed by a low stone wall, and contains comparatively few graves. The one entrance drive, through an iron gate, runs straight down the center, bordered by large maples. Most of the stones are conventional granite slabs, with an occasional one of slate, and most of the dates are of the early 1800's. There are a few modern monuments, and several lots are enclosed by low fences.

Many Atwaters and Potters are buried here."

Hartley, Rachel M. History of Hamden, Connecticut 1786-1959, Quinnipiack Press, Inc. New Haven, Conn. Copyright 1943 p. 223-224