A cemetery cleanup will occur on Sunday, November 14th at 9:30am

Welcome To The State Street Cemetery Website

The State Street Cemetery, located at 2125 State Street, Hamden CT was orginally moved to the present location in 1855. The oldest burial dates back to 1784. It has been known over the years as East Farms Cemetery at Potter Town and The South Side Cemetery. The cemetery has fallen into neglect as a result of a defunct Cemetery Association, known as The State Street Cemetery Association, Incorporated. The purpose of this website is to draw attention to the cemetery in the hopes of creating perpetual care for the cemetery by reestablishing the association. And by doing so honoring those who are laid to rest here.

Please feel free to peruse the website and its content for additional information. More information will be continually added as it becomes avaliable. Feel free to email or contact The Friends of the State Street Cemetery if you wish to contribute your time or money to advance the cause.

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